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    可伍加速国外软件的加速器Christmas by the Sea Mystery Ornament Stitch A-Long starts July 1, 2023. Rusty Crow and连接国外软件加速器are taking turns each week for 12 weeks to provide Summer Stitching Fun.
    We are on Week #4  
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    Rusty Crow has been busy lining up Stitch Alongs to fill the Summer months with fun and Wool.  Woolen Oak Mystery Stitch-A-Long started June 1st.  Plenty of time to join our Facebook group and download the Free patterns and check out these generous designers and websites. 

    To Keep your Stitching Interesting I have been busy sourcing wools.  Please check out our new hand dyed and Wool Bolts. 

    4th of July is just around the Corner.  We have put together an Uncle Sam Celebration Combo.  6 Balls for Valdani Pearl Cotton and 6 Piece Bundle of Ready to Use Red, White and Blue Wool

    We are Still doing some housecleaning in The Quilt Show Trailer, I have a bunch of One Yard Cottons from Moda, Marcos Brothers.  These are all random, I don't carry them on the website anymore. So I'm going to add one Random yard to every 100$plus order, until they are gone. Thanks for shopping with us. 

    The Christmas Carol Mystery ends this month, but that doesn't mean we don't have more surprises for you.  So as you are finishing up your Christmas Heirloom Quilt we are all offering great deals on kits and supplies.  Rusty Crow loves Diamond Textiles.  We have a bunch of half yard cuts  from our Quilt Show Trailer that hasn't gone anywhere in months.  So I'm bundling 5 Random Half Yards for 24.95 until they are gone.  They will all be different, I promise. 

    Kai Scissors are our Favorites around here.  Check out our collection, perfect for every Wool Need! Serrated, Curved, Straight, Regular Blades, we have it all. 
    Uncle Sam Combo

     There will be 12 Blocks total, then you will go back to Calico Patch at the end for the finishing instructions.   All the patterns are Free.  We hope this will make this stressful time in our country just a bit more relaxing when you put needle to wool.  
    Enjoy, and Please join our FB group.  
    Happy Stitching, Shawn 
    Here is my Block, My Blooming Turkey is a Free Download & kits are available

    We still have Kits Available for our Block.  Frosty, Block #3  Click Here

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    Wooly Creatures Ornaments Kit


    The YouTube video of Shawn doing the Rag Rug is up!!! 可伍加速国外软件的加速器 for the link. If you need more assistance, you can always email me at shawn@rustycrow.com


    If you've purchased the North Park pattern from one of our shows there is a misprint on the Fabric requirements. See this page for more information: North Park Misprint

    And don't forget to keep up with all the latest happenings and catch some fun giveaways by following Rusty Crow on 连接国外网络的软件下载 and 能用国外软件的加速器!


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